Do you have any Route Servers?

Not yet, we’re rolling out a new RS architecture that requires some more testing before it’s ready

What best practices do you recommend?

We recommend:

  • Ensure you are compliant with our rules
  • Setting the BGP timers to 3 second Keepalive and 9 second Hold. This helps in the event of a forwarding failure.

What MTU is used?

MTU 9000

Do you allow Transit peering over the IX?

As long as it’s settlement-free peering. E.g. free IPv6 transit is OK

What media do you support?

We are prepared to quickly connect the following medias:

100G: 100GBASE-CWDM4, 100GBASE-LR4 (at extra cost)
50G: 50GBASE-ER (at extra cost)
40G: 40GBASE-LR4

Require something else? As long as it is between 10G-100G chances are that we can find a solution that fits. Contact us!

Bring your own transceiver (BYOT) allowed?

Yes! If it’s QSFP28 or QSFP+ compatible

Got any transceivers I can use?

Yes! We have transceivers at cost price