🌐 SONIX - Stockholm Open Network Internet Exchange

Open Internet Exchange for Everybody

Technical Preview / Alpha

SONIX strives to be an IXP built on as much open technologies and project as possible.

Founded by a non-profit, SONIX will live as a community driven IXP. If you have an idea where SONIX can help out - reach out!

Currently SONIX is in a research & early adopters phase. We are eager to allow peering with folks who can handle some churn while we work out how the IXP will look like in the long run.


We are a young IXP still getting established, but right now we are present at the following locations.

An open and green IXP

Even now in the early days of the IXP, the core switches run the open-source NOS SONiC on self-refurbished hardware that otherwise would have become e-waste.

It is in this way we believe SONIX can both push innovation as well as being environmentally friendly.


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